Python month:Volunteering experience under “python express”


The 1st day experience:

It was 26th morning, when i woke up by a phone call, a statement quoted from other side ”Are you free today! Django Workshop is going to be held in ITS, will you volunteer this event?”, replied with charming “yes”. I must say, it prevailed a spark in my eye because this time, i was going to add some new and amazing experience in my “pythonist bucket list”. I wore my favourite #PyConf tshrt and was getting ready to give my best shot.


Now, it was 10 a.m. and i reached at the venue,  met the chief speaker of the event “Mr.Anuvrat Parashar” and some other volunteers. We planned the whole episode, via which, the workshop had to proceed, we had some photo sessions with the organiser and H.O.D. of the concerning department. Now, the stage was all set and the workshop got started.

Everyone was excited and that was visible in their eyes. Guruji initiated the workshop by explaining “what the python is!”. They were newbie in both Linux and Python world. So, we started the workshop from the very basic level. They were provided,a very convenient book on python i.e “python for you and me”. We as a volunteer, trying to help them out in every possible error, they were facing.

There was a break of one hour, we had a great lunch, thanks to ITS. Now, the second part of the session got started,it was another challenge for us, because we have to conduct django workshop on the very next day and the students were unaware of “OOPS concept”. Guruji explained the fundamentals of OOPS to the students and asked them to try out the examples. It ended by 5 p.m.

The 2nd day experience:

The 2nd day workshop was held on the very next day,we were excited because three speakers were invited this day @bhanuvrat,@priyantrivedi and @_theskumar. The workshop got initiated with the intro. session of spekaers. We had really good strength of students as well as volunteers, so we decided to make a group of 4-5 students and assigned one volunteer to each, so that they got the stuffs more clearly. This time, we explained the basics of Django. Students were showing quiet keen interest in this framework.

Now, it was the time to explain the motive of the open source communtiy and open source softwares, how to  contribute to open source. We tried to develop curiosity among students, so that they look for the reason behind every technical stuff . Encourage them to join open source community and at the end we volunteers shared our experience.


It was really an enthusitic experience for me,learn lots of social skill,technical stuffs,meet amazing speakers,stage fear get reduced.It was such an amazing experience.I would like to thanks pydelhi,pssi and pycon india for giving me such a golden oppurtunity.



3 thoughts on “Python month:Volunteering experience under “python express”

    1. The best way to learn Django is to follow it’s documentation or else you can follow up django-girls tutorials, that is quiet easy for biggeners. Yeah, Python is fast enough for competitive programming.


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